Utilities Infrastructure Gallery

Power Room
Solar Panel Array

Ground Level - Battery Room: 8-Interstate Deep Cycle 6v batteries (battery bank voltage 24 volts)
Inspected/Tested July 2018 (by Creative Energies
Dedicated Out-building - Generator:
Coleman Powermate (Honda VTwin)
9300 Watt 120/240 AC (for back up, extreme loads, or topping of batteries)
Local and remote start
Propane powered
- Linked to 2 - 1,000 gal propane tanks
Service: October 2019
Hours: (1950.8)
Main Level -Garage Roof
Solar Panels (18) Total approx 1700 watts:
2 Hanwha Qcell 295
8 thin-film solar modules
8 monocrystalline solar modules
(All solar power components professionally installed/inspected by Creative Energies of Lander WY)
2-1,000 gal tanks leased from Amerigas. Filled:July 2019
Full vendor Inspection/maintenance: July 2018 
Ground Level

Tulikivi TU1000 masonry wood-fired furnace  11,800 BTU avg/hr

88% efficiency

Battery Room
Propane Tanks
Ground Level - Power Room:
Charge Controllers:
Midnite Kid 24V, Solar Boost 50 Amp (both equipped w/temp sensing)
MagnaSine - 24VDC/240VAC w/Magnum Mini Panel and remote control (output rating 4000watt)
Provides the option for 240V loads/appliances
Has the capacity to charge the batteries from the generator, and provide a power output adequate to supply the current demand, and then some
(All solar power components professionally installed/inspected by Creative Energies of Lander WY)
Main Level

Tulikivi LLU1250 masonry wood-fired stove/bake oven (can be used as an extra "fireplace")

Main Level

Tulikivi TU2200 masonry wood-fired furnace  20,000 BTU avg/hr

86% efficiency

Main Level (Studio over Garage)

Vogelzang Cast Iron Pot-Belly wood stove

Ground Level (Kitchen area)

Lg Wall Heater (LP)

Ground Level (Water Room and Laundry area)
Main Level (Bathroom)

Med Wall Heaters (LP)

Spring-fed Well
Completed in 2001 by Alexander Excavation
Drilled to 18'
Water tested/Passed by Northwest Analytics of WY
Water tested/Passed by SageWest Hospital in Lander
Well in continuous operation to present
Ground level-Water Room
2 - 1,000 gal holding tanks ( linked together)
Supplied directly from private well at a rate of 100 gal/15 min
Pressure pump sends water from holding tanks through 5-stages of water filtration/conditioning/UV system
Conditioned water sent to household at 50psi

Tanks cloaked to inhibit algae growth caused by light

Various valves on both tanks allow for several functions - including standard garden hoses, access to water in the event of power failure as well as for fire suppression

Pelican PSE1800 Conditioning/filtering media tanks

Ground level-Water Room

Main level Bathroom Closet
AquaStar on-demand (aka "tank-less") water heater (LP powered) supplies all hot-water feeds for house
Ground Level

Laundry area (has hook-ups for additional "tank-less" water heater)