This diagram was obtained from the Fremont County Assessor's website
These are pages from the purchase contract when the intitial 160 acres of land (including Sec 8 portion which is now the subject property) was purchased by Knudsen/Woolford from Crofts Sheep Co in 1993. It shows the info regarding Mineral and Water Rights that were included in the sale.
Mineral Rights search report by First American Title Co in Lander WY. Only the information regarding Sec 8 applies.
(The information regarding the property in Sec 4 no longer applies as those rights were transferred to the new owners when Parcel C was sold in February 2018)

This is a graphic representation of what the above Mineral Rights search report conveys.

This is to provide some clarification regarding the actual physical location of nearby mine shafts. Some folks have  speculated that the mine located on "Gold Hill" is actually inside the subject property boundaries. We do not believe that the mine shaft is located within the subject property boundaries. While the Mine Icon shows within the pink-shaded property boundary, the satellite imagry shows the shaft cap as being on the south side of the boundary. This image is from

This mine reclamation certification shows that the DEQ believed the mine fell just into the SE 1/4 of the NE 1/4 aliquot of Sec 8. It would have to be in the NE 1/4 of the NE 1/4 to be within the subject property (Parcel A)

Acreage is 44.615