Infrastructure Details

Geodesic dome shape

  • Cuts energy consumption by 30-59%
  • Resists wind force (up through Cat 3 Hurricane force)
  • Withstands tremendous snow load (est. 80 lbs/sq ft)
  • Earthquake resistant
  • Sheds rain and snow quickly
  • Circulates air inside (without a fan)
  • Distributes inside sounds evenly (without echo)
  • Insulates from outside sounds almost completely (creates a very peaceful living space!)
  • "super insulated" (perlite-filled concrete blocks, 12" thick foam board insulation, insulated foundation)


  • 4 foot deep, insulated foundation
  • Filled in and packed,  covered with 4” sand
  • Covered with 2” thick blueboard (incompressible  polyurethane foam board)


  • 2 - 1,000 gal tanks (linked and housed in ground level of home) supplied by well  Special note: each tank is equipped with firehose-compatible valves for fire suppression purposes            
  •  Pelican PSE1800 Premium Whole House Filter-Softener system (installed July '18)


  • Solar
    • Robust 1.7 kW system - $8K upgrade July '18 by Creative Energies (including all new exterior wiring/junctions)                     
    •  Panels: 18 panels (2 Hanwha Qcell 295, 8 thin-film solar modules, 8 monocrystalline solar modules)   Approximately 1,700 watts total               
    • Charge Controllers: Midnite Kid 24V, Solar Boost 50 Amp (both equipped w/temp sensing)                      
    • Inverter: MagnaSine - 24VDC/240VAC w/Magnum Mini Panel and remote control  (Output rating is 4,000 watts)
    • Batteries: 8-Interstate Deep Cycle 6v (battery bank voltage is 24 volts)
  • Propane-     2-1,000 gal tanks (linked) leased from AmeriGas
  • Generator-  9,300 Watt 120/240 AC (for back up, extreme loads, or topping of batteries. Propane powered, local and remote operation)

Heating   (redundant Propane/Wood)

  • Propane heating through-out home (wall-mount units)
  • Tulikivi TU2200 soapstone masonry wood-fired furnace (main floor) 20,000 BTU avg/hr
  • Tulikivi TU1000T soapstone masonry wood-fired furnace (ground floor) 11,800 BTU avg/hr
  • Tulikivi LLU1250 soapstone masonry wood-fired cookstove/bake oven (used as additional "fireplace")


  • Passive cooling