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Plumbing stubbed in
Pipes all collected in a “mechanical wall”
Set in on 1st layer of sand
Covered with blueboard and 2nd sand layer
4 foot deep insulated foundation
Filled in and packed,    covered with 4” sand
Accuracy is within ½” on all lengths and angles, across 76' length of house & garage
Covered with 2” thick blueboard (a form of incompressible  polyurethane foam board)
Exterior Walls (ground level)
After 4-inch cement slab is poured, concrete block used to build walls
Exterior Walls (ground level)
Hollow block filled with rebar and 4” thick Perlite insulation
Hurricane straps into wet sealer concrete
Garage and Studio
Main level walls
Dome house has 10 flat sides (walls)
5 - 13.7' long sides
5 -  7' long sides

Build finished 2003 

Interior professionally renovated by Enduro Custom Homesteads of Lander and 5-Star Drywall of Riverton
Exterior finish professionally removed and replaced by Enduro Custom Homesteads of Lander using BenjaminMoore ArborCoat Solid Stain products (designed for high UV protection, harsh weather, and mildew/rot protection).

PEACE and QUIET. Geodesic shape designed to withstand Category 3 wind speeds with a shrug and support tremendous snowloads (80lbs per sq inch) with a yawn.  Interior shape almost completely cancels internal noise echoing  and reduces external noise by 30%. Geodesic shape makes this house extremely resistant to earthquake damage.